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Job Growth Through Innovation

     I have a focus on helping entrepreneurs and local businesses create jobs by providing more details and work requests that the United States Congress has approved for appropriation to fund projects.   There are so many more scientific advancements to achieve; that funding through the United States Congress will create jobs for such research and production.  Once the research has been completed, the company or companies, that took advantage of the challenge to produce the results, may, and more often than not, present it to the consumer base to make additional profits on the sales. 

     For example, I believe the United States Congress should invest more in new energy production, using magnetic fields rather than using fossil fuels and nuclear power plants.  Researching new energy resources is crucial for lowering future operating costs.  Therefore, I will petition the various Congressional Committees to have approval for Congressional Appropriations for the research of magnetic energy to produce the mechanics behind generating a continuous electrical current with enough amperage to provide the needs for supplying electricity to a home, from an affordable appliance at the home's location, without any nasty surprises at the end of the month with an unexpected expensive electrical bill.  Thus, the cost of living for families will fall.  Consequently, this type of appliance for supplying electricity to a business, for the office, store, warehouse, etc., will reduce the operating costs on the income statement.  Now that is innovation!


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