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     As a member of the United States Congress, one is member of architects to design and plan the administration of providing the "state of art" improvements to advance our way of life.  One of the duties of a congressman is to prepare support for improvements in highways, railways, bridges, towers, buildings, and water and food supplies, plus other possibilities to improve and advance society. 

     I truly look forward to working with municipal, rural, county, and state governments to fund improvements on infrastructure through my office for the people of Texas Congressional District 24.  Also, our water supply is a precious necessity for life and requires improvement addressing the wide variety of contaminants.  By funding projects to improve our water supply to provide the best potable water to each home is one option to always perform.  Another option is to provide tax deductions for the purchase of water purifiers for the home, which I whole heartedly support.

     Our food supply requires suitable transportation, which is free of all varieties of contaminants, as well as water, which was previously mentioned.  Providing sound management of proper ways to mandate guidelines to follow and provide proper funding and tax incentives to cover the implementation of safe and clean storage and transportation of crops and other consumable items is another responsibility of the United States Congress.   

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