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Health Care Reform

     Affordable health care is in demand at the voting polls and always will be a demand by all of us.  I have seen the numbers of monthly premiums on the available insurance for health care for families, and it is completely unaffordable.  How to decrease the monthly costs to families?  Well, I would vote to remove taxes on providing and receiving health care.  The provisions from the current taxes should be assessed on the purpose and weighed.  How can the United States Congress help?  Increase your taxes to offset costs incurred by others in a pool to balance the budget of providing health care to the entire residences of the country or state?  Or, should the United States Congress provide direct appropriations to government health care contractors and private institutions and professionals to offset costs to reduce the total costs to you and I?  Or, should the United States Congress pursue investing in newer technologies and medicine to find what will actually fix and/or cure, which would reduce health care costs in the future? 

     The United States Congress can only invest with appropriations or tax from an activity and/or ownership to provide funding.  Congress cannot provide medicine nor diagnose a patient's condition.  What is your pick?  Of course, any activity has to have an audit trail.  Current medicine provided cannot produce new ailments, or it would disqualify as an option for treatment, due to logical reasons -- such as risks to health and emotional distress to the patient and whoever is paying for the expenses.  Therefore, alternative medicine that has not shown accurate probabilities of successful health and living, by the patient being treated with alternative techniques, cannot receive funding from the government.  Hopefully, this is agreeable to most Americans.  Also, it is very important not to use Health Care as means to replace the function of Social Security for disabilities.  "Depression" is not a medical condition to solve with prescription drugs nor should it be funded by the government.  Depression should be solved by pursuing a new way of life; by doing so, enter a new curriculum of study and advance his or her education in college with a subject that is in demand by industry; and that is, and will always be, my answer for such "hocus pocus nonsense."  Please bear with me on this topic for one more moment; since this is a concern of mine, where some way or somehow everyone, with a "mood," would get doped up on a prescription drug.  This idea makes my stomach turn to a point that I physically become nauseous.  I simply do not support such an approach; for it has a higher probability to cause new ailments -- where the new ailments could cause loss of rights and status in society (and, needless to state, reduce prospects for better employment.)  It is dishonorable to place an innocent and "moody" person in such danger that could have a life-long negative affect -- where new amendments, if needed, to current "Jurisprudence on Civil Procedure" could place downward pressure on reoccurrences of such practices.

     If you ask me, I would require a current status on all levels, study the statistics upon each discovery, and proceed to have the government eat the costs for most life saving cures and/or fixes -- but not from taxes to eat the costs.  Inflation of prices is driven by limited supply.  Therefore, another approach is to provide more supply.  How can the United States Congress provide more supply of sound and proven medicine?  Taxes?  No, to taxing for more supply; otherwise, we, individually, would become financially poorer.  If there is a demand from the population for less expensive medical care, then promoting financial scholarships for medical studies to produce more doctors is a sound choice.  Yes, the United States Congress may perform that need to fund scholarships.  Moreover, increasing the supply of true antibiotics is desperately needed to reduce the costs for general medical visits.   

     In addition, the operating costs to run a hospital is very high.  How may the government support medical operations at a hospital?  Well, perhaps send the utility bills to the Congressman or Congresswoman, of the Congressional District where the hospital exists?  Hopefully, that may be agreed on.  There are many options.  What makes sense to make health care affordable?  Insurance companies, that have extraordinary events and become insolvent, have to seek aid from the United States Congress or fail at providing coverage and file for bankruptcy.  Therefore, the insurance shuffle, of coverage and handling expenses, eventually is limited to the direct support of Congress for maintaining a sound a stable economy for health care.


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