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Foreign Trade Policy

     I would focus on changing where United States Congressional Appropriations are spent. In certain cases, it is important to emphasis to the contractor with the United States government to keep these jobs here in this country and move them to my district, because our United States Congressional District Texas 24 population, more than likely, possesses the skill levels to perform the duties, plus the other country, where the contractor has a location, could petition that foreign country's government to appropriate a budget for certain projects performed in that same country.

     In addition, I support "free trade" to create a global open market place of fine goods and produce and to provide legal protections and agreements for doing business in the foreign countries.  However, I do not favor, nor ever will favor, bargaining citizenship grants during trade negotiations, to bypass normal travel and work visas, nor do I agree to allow for offshoring jobs within trade agreements.  Most Americans treat the idea of "trading" as selling or buying products; not reducing our pool of available professions, during the bargaining of a foreign trade agreement.

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