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Federal Student Loans

     The importance of an advanced education is to improve the quality of life and prosperity.  The Federal Student Loan programs have been successful in allowing more students to enter college and finish with a baccalaureate degree and proceed to enter graduate school.  What has failed with these student loan programs?  The interest rate on the loan is way too high and abusive, given the money to fund the loan originates through the United States Congress, alone, and sole purpose is to improve culture, prosperity, and protect society down the road through technological advances. 

     I will push hard to change the interest rate, to repay the student loans, to one percent.  Also, I want the previous interest payments adjusted to the lower rate, of annual percentage rate, to use to pay off the principal of the loan.  The adjustment in annual percentage rate and interest payments to speed up repayment, of the Federal Student Loans, is an honorable choice.

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